Marine Classifieds

The Marine Classifieds is the place to offer your used treasures for sale, or find that rare part you need.


Welcome to The Marine Classifieds, a new service offered by The Quota Exchange.

Do you have a locker full of spare parts and used gear? Are you looking for a special part for your boat? This is the place to advertise your used parts, gear, or seafood you have for sale, or find what you are looking for.

Registered users of The Quota Exchange can post ads to the Marine Classifieds pages by logging in to their account, either on the Marine Classifieds site, or on The Quota Exchange. Once you are logged in, you will have access to your account to post new ads, or to edit or cancel existing ones.

Everyone is welcome to browse the Marine Classifieds, but the privilege of posting ads is limited to registered users of The Quota Exchange. If you are not yet a Quota Exchange user, you can register here.

All content on this web site, postings, quota listings, and other information is provided for informational purposes only. The Quota Exchange does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any listing information or other content on this web site. See our conditions of use

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